Review: Lunch at the Pool Grill, Singapore Marriott Hotel

The last time that I was at the Singapore Marriott Hotel was for the Influr event a few months back (which you can read all about it by clicking HERE). It was a social media event held on a weekday evening, at the Pool Grill's terrace pavilion.

 photo DSC03446__zpsafd8bb21.jpg

The Pool Grill is an alfresco restaurant located on the 5th level of the hotel. When I was there for the event, I liked the chilled-out and relaxing vibes that it brilliantly has. So much so that I told myself that I will visit Pool Grill in the daytime. Hence, I decided to have my lunch at the Pool Grill with my friend a couple of weeks ago! :)

 photo DSC05236_.jpg

The Pool Grill's food menu
 photo DSC05237.jpg

 photo DSC05238.jpg

We were served warm bread, along with 3 assorted dips.
 photo DSC05239_.jpg

I had to post this up, cos I like the bokeh effect shown in this pic. :p
 photo DSC05243_.jpg

We ordered the same main course, which was the Seared Duck Breast.
As well as the Garlic & Rosemary Roasted Kipfler Potatoes for our sides.
 photo DSC05250_.jpg

The duck meat was accompanied with the sweet corn puree,
quinoa (which I don't like), turnip and black berries jus.
 photo DSC05247_.jpg

I liked the plating of my seared duck breast, as well as its color. However, I wold have liked it more if not because of how rubbery it was led to me having a tough time chewing it. The crust could have been done better too... I liked a little of crust on my pan seared meat, which was not evident in mine. On the other hand, kudos for the sweet corn puree which I absolutely love!

The roasted potatoes were awesome! It was flavorful and have a good amount of spice/seasonings cooked with it. It is so nice that I will consider heading back to Pool Grill just to snack on these roasted potatoes! Haha!

Photo taken before we tucked in for lunch.
 photo DSC05251_2.jpg

As it was the Fourth of July, whereby US celebrates its Independence Day, I decided to dress up in the colors of the US flag on that day - Blue, Red and White. I wanted to join in the celebration with my lovely friends in US, whom I knew were planning a long weekend celebration, filled with picnics and BBQs at the parks. Moreover, most of them were going to dress up in these 3 colors too... Similar to how most of us actually don the colors of red and white on Singapore's National Day. :p

This was my #FourthofJuly OOTD!
And say hi to my new Prada bag!
 photo DSC05252_2.jpg

Below photo was up on my Instagram account on the day itself.
If you have not followed me, you should... 
Cos I update my daily life more frequently on IG.
So start snooping me there... >>>  @felizaong! :p

 photo photo3.jpg

 photo SMH_zps0441798c.jpg
 photo SMH01_zps2d172803.jpg

Like I mentioned, the influr event was held at the Terrace Pavilion.
I saw how romantic it was at the main dining area when I was there for the event.
It is really nice... Do come here for your dinner dates! :p
 photo SMH05_zps486581fe.jpg

This was taken just before we left Pool Grill.
It is equally nice to have a quiet lunch or tea time here too. :)
 photo DSC05262_.jpg

1 more photo before I end this post! :p

Shiseido Sale 2014 Beauty Haul (Shiseido, Clé de Peau Beauté, Maquillage, Joico)

*** This post was drafted before I fell ill last week, but I was too sick that I wasn't online much, and did not upload this post. Started with sore throat, and then I developed a bout of fever, and flu. It was a terrible week for me last week indeed! Feeling better now, though I am still down with the flu. The weather has been crazily hot for the past few days! Do drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated! :) ***


Shiseido held its semi-annual sale a week and a half ago!
- 12 and 13 June 2014 -
Many items were going for more than 50% discount!

Much thanks to the Shiseido team for the kind invitation to the Media and VIP Preview on 11 June! I blogged about some of the product offerings at the sale in this previous blog post of mine. Have you read it? Anyway, this blog entry shall be about my shopping haul of the various beauty products which I snagged at the Shiseido sale event! :)

 photo DSC04718_.jpg

I bought two bottles of Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Toning Lotion (S$30), despite that I have one unopened bottle in my 'Beauty Stock Drawer" which I bought previously from the departmental store counter. I wanted to buy just one, but was urged by Rachel to get two instead. The only difference between this and the store-purchased one is that these products at the sale event do not come in the packaging box.

The Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum+ is my HOLY GRAIL!!! Ever since starting on my very first bottle, probably in year 2012, I am hooked on this! And yes, I do still have one more unopened bottle which I bought from the store. (-_-)" I am unable to recall how many bottles I have used up, but given that this 30ml size was going at S$50 at the sale, in contrast to S$159 at the counters, I simply had to get it! *Just to note that the serum that is sold at the sale is of the old formula and packaging design*

In addition to purchasing the 30ml size, I bought the exact serum that comes in a 9ml pump bottle. It is sold as a pack of 3 (S$20), and yes if you simply do the math... It seems to be more worth it to get a pack of 3 which comes up to a total of 27ml for S$20, versus S$50 for 30ml. ;) This bottle size is suitable to bring for travel and staycations, sleepovers, etc. 

Clé de Peau Beauté
 photo DSC04728_.jpg

This is the very first product that I have ever gotten from Clé de Peau Beauté... The Refining Fluid Foundation in O20 shade. And yes, please do give me a big round of applause of stepping into the CDP world, hehe! Afterall, it is said that once you start using CDP products, it is very difficult to steer away from it.  I do understand why so, especially since they have the technology to synergize makeup and skincare ingredients into their makeup products. Furthermore, being a luxury beauty brand hailing from Japan, it will be nice to pamper myself with this, right? It cost just S$60 per bottle at the sale.

 photo DSC04734_.jpg

I was told by the beautiful Nora, that Clé de Peau Beauté does not retail the Synactif fragrance (S$20). Instead, this is sprayed in the Clé de Peau Beauté facial rooms for that lovely and relaxing rose scent. I caught whiffs of it and I WAS SOLD! :p I have been spraying this in my room, and I have to say that it smells so good!!! I wish I had bought more than just one bottle!!!! :(

For those who wonder what the french words 'Clé de Peau Beauté' mean... It means 'Key to Beautiful Skin'.

 photo DSC04737_.jpg

Not the first time using Shiseido Maquillage products, but it was my first time purchasing the brand's compact powder foundation. I wanted to give this a try, based on its optical illusion technology to conceal pores and its 10 hours lasting power. Let's see if it works! ;)

 photo DSC04738_.jpg

The compact case was designed by the NY-based designer, Alexander Wang a couple of years back. It is not a recent design. The other Maquillage product purchased was the Glossy Perfect Rouge lipstick in RD318, that is of a rose pink shade.

 photo DSC04739_.jpg

This conditioner helps in hair repair and preserves your hair color. It was selling at an attractive price of S$16 or S$18 for two bottles. Hence, I decided to give it a try.

Well, that's all for my shopping haul from the Shiseido sale.
I can't wait for the year-end Shiseido sale already.
Thanks to the team for the invitation! 
Hope you had fun shopping at the Sale if you headed down!
Share with me what you bought too! :)

Shiseido Sale June 2014 (cle de peau Beaute, ettusais, NARs and more!)

The Shiseido sale is here again! 
Get your beauty products from Shiseido, cle de peau Beaute, ettusais,
NARS, Za, Majolica Majorca, Aqualabel, Joico and Zotos!

 photo photo11.jpg 

Thanks to the Shiseido marketing team for the invitation to today's Media and VIP Preview! The sale will be carried out on 12 and 13 June 2014, 10am to 8pm.
Be sure to head down for this half-yearly affair! :) 

Let me share with you pictures taken at the sale event!

  photo photo21.jpg
I started using Ettusais products since I was about 17 years old. 
Prior to that, it was Za cosmetics.
And even till now, I am still using some of the products from this brand.
You can say, I grew up with this brand. :p

Next booth: Clé de Peau Beaute! CDP!

When I returned back to the booth about an hour since my arrival, the brightening serum as pictured above) was totally OOS. It was a sold-out! Not sure if it will be replenished for the next two days. There were eyeshadow palettes, luminizing face enhancer, base makeup (powder, cream and liquid), lipsticks, etc. Interestingly, there were bottles of room fragrance that was on sale. I love scents that contain rose notes, and it smells really nice! This room fragrance is actually what they spray in the CDP's facial rooms. ;)

 photo photo41.jpg

Lipstick is going at S$30.
 photo photo5.jpg

The CDP Refining Fluid Foundation is going at S$60/bottle.
 photo photo16.jpg

 photo photo24.jpg


NARSskin range available...
 photo photo34.jpg

Tons of NARS makeup spread!
 photo photo44.jpg

Lip colors available.
 photo photo54.jpg

Beautiful color hues of NARS eyeshadow single
 photo photo15.jpg

NARS eyeshadow duos available too.
 photo photo23.jpg

Nail polish range...
 photo photo33.jpg


Next booth is my top few skincare brands of all times! SHISEIDO!
I have been a loyal supporter of Shiseido skincare products, and they are never missing in my skincare regime.
I tend to buy from Japan, or from the local departmental store counters.
And to have some of the few Shiseido skincare products that I use to be on sale at this event,
it was more than enough to make my day!

My current day skincare products are from the 'The Skincare' range.
I bought it from the departmental store counter and imagine my surprise to find out that these are only selling for S$30/bottle!!?
 photo photo43.jpg

I almost bought the tinted moisturiser (S$20) as I wanted to give it a try. But of course, I bought the Shiseido Intensive Spot Targeting Serum from the White Lucent range. This is my staple product in my skincare regime... And once again, imagine my utmost surprise to see it selling at S$50 per bottle, whereas the retail price is S$159. But do note, that this is the old formula and old packaging. 

The reason why I did not get the products from 'The Skincare' range was because I have a new set of Moisturizer, Serum and Toner (or Softener? I forgot) from the White Lucent range, which I purchased from Isetan and unopened. Having been a user of these two skincare range, I personally prefer the White Lucent range.

Apart from those that I have mentioned,
there were also sunscreen, essence, eye cream on sale too.
 photo photo53.jpg

Shiseido Maquillage

Compact (S$25), cream and liquid foundation is available.
 photo photo13.jpg

Eyeshadow palettes, lip gloss and lipsticks (S$20) are also available.
 photo photo22.jpg

 photo photo32.jpg


The brand that I use for my eyebrow pencil. The brand of my current mascara (I switch mascara brands, btw... But Za mascara works fine for me. Hence I am into my second tube already). The brand that I used when I just started makeup (apart from TBS). The brand which its alphabet letters can be found in my name, and it is what I call myself in short - Za. :p

 photo photo42.jpg

Za makeup is like a makeup feast and going at a great price! I was previously gifted one of the eyeshadow palettes (seen below) by the Za team , and I have to say that it contains a pigmented formula.. So a little of it goes a long way. I really liked it alot. :)

 photo photo51.jpg

The remaining two beauty brands available were Aqualabel and Majolica Majorca.
 photo photo14.jpg

There were also the Joico and Zotos hair range available.
Consisting of Shampoo, conditioner, serum and hair styling products.

Keep a lookout for the GwP items: 
Pouches are going at S$3 each.
Bags at S$5.
Ettusais luggage at S$25!

Coming along with me for the Shiseido sale event was this wonderful girl, Rachel. We got to know each other through Instagram, due to our love for Dior bags haha! Knowing that she has a keen interest in beauty products, I asked if she wanted to go together. Fun to have her along... To poison and dissuade each other when making purchasing decisions! :p 

Photo of us before we parted ways.
Back to work for the afternoon!
 photo photo25_2.jpg

- I will be posting my beauty haul soon! -
Till then, Happy Shopping! ;)

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