Latest Hair Session at Salon De Choix

Here's the latest post about my hair session with Salon De Choix. But before I go on to share more about it, I would like to gladly announce that I have been signed up for yet another term to be their ambassador!! I have been so thankful to the lovely peeps at Salon De Choix for being my hair salon sponsor all these years --- Styling and taking care of my hair, and always having me to look so good that I walk out of the salon each time feeling like I have a million bucks in my pocket!

And Salon De Choix, in my opinion, is a good salon in Singapore to have one's hair makeover done at. Hencecit has always been my honor and pleasure to work with them. If they aren't, I would have stopped with them long ago, as I know I am responsible for whatever I "promote" on my blog. ;)

It has been awhile since I colored my hair (the last time was just before I flew to UK to live there), hence you can see that the color looked pretty washed out. It looked dry too. I was open to suggestions for a new hair color. Chester, my wonderful hair stylist, proposed trying Mocha brown.

 photo CIMG2174_.jpg

He advised that a darker shade will have the hair to look healthier. We have tried this "trick" a couple of times previously, so why not? What's more, it has been awhile since I did a dark shade for my hair and I didn't try mocha brown before. Mocha brown is akin to medium brown, hence it will be suitable for both school and work. He used the 8.8 Mocha on my hair.

 photo CIMG2177_.jpg

If you are like me, whose hair has had highlights done previously, and with a various shades of brown, you can skip doing that each time when you are at the salon. You can simply do a full-head hair color and just do highlighting every now and then. Afterall, you will still get the various shades of color, and save some money by doing so!

 photo CIMG2179_.jpg

After letting the hair dye to be absorbed into the hair, it was on to the soothing hair wash, while lying on the electronic massage chair. This is pure bliss, I tell you. Another thing that I liked about getting my hair done at Salon De Choix is that I will never get hungry, thirsty or bored. They have a good variety of drinks (hot and cold), snacks and the latest magazine editions. 

 photo CIMG2200_.jpg

Sometimes, one's scalp may feel itchy from the hair dye. This does not mean that it is an allergy. To 'cool' the scalp, hair mist was sprayed onto my hair. Definitely a cooling feeling when the mist touches the scalp.

 photo CIMG2183_.jpg

Next, the hair treatment cream was applied onto my hair and then the steam machine was used to better penetrate the treatment cream into the hair strands.

 photo CIMG2188_.jpg

Currently, Salon De Choix has this special type of hair treatment program, under the Kérastase Densifique range, called the Densifying Ritual. It is a 4-step treatment that helps in genetic hair loss and hair thinning. In addition, it creates a fuller volume and thickening effect (but without the heavy feeling). This is possible through the use of stemoxydine, which reveals up to 1,700 new hair in 3 months (based on a test done).

 photo CIMG2224_.jpg

The professionals at Salon De Choix will recommend the suitable treatment program based on your hair type and condition. Chester said that the above-mentioned type was suitable for me, NOT because I'm losing hair, but because my hair strands appear to be too thin (which will then lead to breakages). Hence this was more to strengthen my hair.

The serum from the selected range was applied onto my scalp.
This was followed by a head massage, for better absorption of it.
 photo CIMG2190_.jpg

 photo CIMG2191_.jpg

You know how you are always afraid that your hair stylist may snip off more inches than you want? I never have this problem with Chester. He knows exactly what I want for my hair. And this point, is VERY important when it comes to choosing your hair stylist.

 photo CIMG2193_.jpg

After the cut, it was time for a blowout and style! The last step but my most favorite as it would be a short while later that I would actually be all styled and dolled up to the nines.

 photo CIMG2194_.jpg

 photo CIMG2195_.jpg

 photo CIMG2197_.jpg

 photo CIMG2198_.jpg

Presenting to you my latest hair color from this session's
hair makeover by Salon De Choix!

 photo CIMG2209_.jpg

 photo CIMG2211_.jpg

My hair color under natural sunlight
 photo CIMG2230_.jpg

My hair color under natural sunlight
 photo CIMG2229_.jpg

My hair color under natural sunlight
 photo CIMG2227_.jpg

My hair color under natural sunlight
 photo CIMG2228_.jpg

My hair feels soft and luscious, and definitely looks healthier. A proper layering cut done by Chester ensured that I would not look like I have a thick mane of hair, but at the same time, not too thin that I wouldn't have been able to bun my hair (since that's what I normally do when am home).

 photo CIMG2268_.jpg

 photo CIMG2232_.jpg

 photo CIMG2237_.jpg

 photo CIMG2245_.jpg

 photo CIMG2249_.jpg

 photo CIMG2251_.jpg

 photo CIMG2260_.jpg

 photo CIMG2265_.jpg

 photo CIMG2267_.jpg

If you are interested to make an appointment at Salon De Choix,

mention my name 'Feliza'  when you call to the salon

and get 15% discount off your total bill~

(Not applicable for promotions)

CALL TO BOOK AN APPT: +65 6836 2959!

My stylist's name is Chester!

For more information about Salon De Choix, 
check out their FACEBOOK

Salon De Choix is located at: 
3 Killiney Road #01-06 
Winsland House 1
Singapore 239519

 photo June01.jpg

 photo June02.jpg

From London to Singapore

Time flies! It has been awhile since this blog was being updated. Despite that, you would have seen snippets of my life, if you had followed me on my Instagram or Twitter accounts. I had placed a pause to blogging for one main reason - I relocated to London early part of this year.

I made a major decision not to bring my laptop along with me, as I reckoned that I should use whatever free time that I have there to explore London, the neighbouring countries and cities, instead of facing the laptop. You may disagree with me on my decision. But then again, it is my life, my decision. :)

Yes, I could have blogged using my tablet. In fact, I did that once while I was in London, but it proved to be too much of a hassle. I had a Bluetooth keyboard, but no mouse, so it was really tough for me to get used to haha! I could not "copy and paste" my picture links as easily as I can on a laptop. Also, editing and resizing photos was quite troublesome too.

I missed blogging. Sharing my life via my other social media accounts (FB, IG and Twitter) was not enough, but good enough for me to post updates while I was based in UK. If you were to ask me if I had regretted not bringing along my laptop, my reply is "No". I am glad that I used the time that I have them to the best that I could.

Now that I am back in Singapore, I will start to pen blog entries again. Even during the interim, the memories of my time spent overseas has proven to be very difficult to be forgotten or be oblivious to. Evidently, a part of my heart is left in UK. I love London. *happy sigh* As I go about restarting on my blogging journey, I seek your support and patience. I will definitely share my travel stories, and include some tips and recommendations.

Till then, have a happy weekend ahead! :)
 photo LondonSummary01.jpg

Presbyopia Contact Lenses for Clearer Eyesight!

Being short-sighted, I have to always put on my spectacles or contact lenses in order to see things that is of a near distance away. Otherwise, I am as blind as a bat, and I feel very helpless without them. And so, funny or silly as it may sound, but I used to feel envious of my parents or older relatives who have prebyopia, or more often known as Lao Hua Yan (老花眼). This is because they are able to see things that are afar, which is something that I yearn.

Presbyopia, or more commonly known as "老花眼", was a term I learnt when my parents started to wear glasses in their 40s. I was puzzled back then, as I have always known them for having perfect eyesight. That was when they explained that they have presbyopia - A natural condition (comes with age) where a person gets blurry vision when he or she is looking at nearby objects, but clear vision when seeing anything that is far away. It is the complete opposite of myopia, or short-sightedness.

As much as my parents know that they require to wear the prescription glasses for their farisightedness, they usually wear it only when they need to read at work, or when reading the papers and surfing the internet and Facebook on their laptops and smartphones at home. Otherwise, they do not wear it as they find it a hassle to bring it out when they are out.

So what happens if they are out in a restaurant and need to read the menu? Or when they are using their phones? They do what usually people with far-sightedness do --- Hold the menu at an arm's length! This is how you usually spot people with 老花眼 right? Haha! :p

If your parents or even yourself are facing this problem, where wearing spectacles just for presbyopia is not a habit, or think that one look better without glasses, read on for there is a SOLUTION!

Introducing CooperVision's
Proclear multifocal contact lenses!!!

 photo 5df7d251-ae76-46d4-b83c-b0791091e767.jpg

These are disposable daily prescription contact lenses which presbyopia patients can put on.
Say goodbye to spectacles!! Proclear is the only lens material cleared by the US FDA for the claim: The lenses may provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms related to dryness during lens wear.

Right now, there is a free 5-day trial for the CooperVision Proclear 1-day multifocal lenses.
There is a small fee of SGD15 to get a mandatory eye check at one of the participating optical stores, which can be used to offset the purchase of a minimum 2 boxes of lens at SGD150. This promotions ends 08 April 2015. So hurry! Go to CooperVision's website by clicking [HERE] now! ;) 

 photo 0176c376-92d1-4f8f-86d2-a62de45a013d.jpg

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